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Dan Moi Concert Single Tang Slim Bamboo Case

UPC/EAN: 0615953960709


  • Material: Brass
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Length: 12.5cm

Dan Moi Concert Single Tang Slim.
The Dan Moi is the traditional Jew's harp of the Hmong mountain people in Vietnam. Individually and skilfully hand made by local expert craftsmen using brass, these instruments are extremely easy to play having a brilliant sound rich in overtones.

Unlike other forms of Jew's Harps (where the instrument is placed against the teeth), the Dan Moi is gently placed against the players lips with one hand and gently plucked at the other end with the mouth acting as a sound box.

The Hmong craftsmen work the Dan Moi so carefully that the slit between frame and reed is barely visible which ensures a wide variety of vibrant tones when played. Many different sound effects can be created very easily by moving the tongue inside the mouth, or breathing in or out while playing.

These Dan Moi Concert Single Tang Slim are approximately 12.5cm long with a single tang, or tongue, and produces rich vibrant tones. All these Dan Moi come with a bamboo case. The concert Dan Moi are made with a thicker gauge of metal making them harder wearing and longer lasting as well as enhancing the sound.

Watch the video on this page for a demonstration of this instrument - the video is the same instrument but one with a bamboo case.