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Didgeridoo 62 D# Sweet Chestnut

  • Wood: Sweet Chestnut
  • Key: D#
  • Overtone: D#
  • Mouthpiece: 28mm
  • Bell: 11x10cm
  • Length: 180.5cm

Didgeridoo 62 D# Sweet Chestnut.
Sweet Chestnut from a sustainable forest in East Sussex, this is one of my favourites (of the didges I have made) and I often use it in my performances. When I made this I was experimenting with slightly longer didges than the norm as I wanted to explore the difference in sound. This didgeridoo is easy to play and has a deep rich sound when played. It is surprisingly responsive as well as being easy to toot. Both the outside and inside has been treated with Danish Oil to help protect, preserve and enhance the wood and finished with a couple of layers of wax polish.