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Whistle Boomerang Red


  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Foam
Throw this foam boomerang and hear it whistle as it flies.
Chuck this foam flyer in any direction and its course will curve, hopefully returning to a position fairly close to where you threw it! But that's not all! Each of the three wings are tipped with a whistle that wails as they soar through the air. This is the red model, also available in blue.
    Boomerang Features
  • Whistles as it flies
  • Sturdy foam boomerang
  • Triple wing design
  • For outdoor use

    • How to Throw a Boomerang
      There is a certain amount of skill involved when throwing a boomerang, to make it come back to you. Below is a guide and some pointers to help you get the most out of your boomerang.
      • Throw the boomerang with your right hand
      • Hold the end of one of the wings between thumb and forefinger
      • Make sure the curved side (top) is facing inwards
      • The boomerang should be just off vertical (about 1 'o' clock)
      • Face into the wind (if outdoors)
      • Throw at 45 degree angle to the wind (similar to sailing)
      • Emphasis on spin – not how hard you throw