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Wooden Didgeridoo 182 C# Ash

UPC/EAN: 0615953960815


  • Wood: Ash
  • Weight: 3.3kg
  • Key: C#
  • Overtone: C
  • Mouthpiece: 30x32mm
  • Bell: 11x10cm
  • Length: 197cm

Didgeridoo 182, Ash in C#.
This instrument is keyed at C# with C, A, and D overtones.

Just under 2m long, the 30x32mm mouthpiece leads down the slim bore, widening to a bell 10x11cm in diameter. Although 197cm in length the didge weighs in at just 3.3kg.

I made this didgeridoo focusing on multiple overtones – long and slender and it certainly hits the spot. As the bell is not to big the resulting pitch is quite low at C# but can be lowered quite considerably by an experienced player (by lowering my jaw while playing I managed to get as low as B!). I also made the mouthpiece slightly oval and larger than I normally do as an experiment in playing style and technique and am pleasantly surprised. Vocals work well, loud, high, sharp, soft, passive, as does playing loud or soft and can handle a fair bit of power.

Gathered near Arundel, West Sussex, on the South Downs, this Ash didgeridoo has been sealed and finished with a combination of Tung oil, Danish oil and wax. The bore has been coated with several layers of Tung Oil to help protect, preserve and enhance the wood and maintain a clear sound. The exterior has been coated with several layers of Danish Oil then topped with wax giving a soft finish both to touch and visually.