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Musicians and Bands

A collection of information and video on didgeridoo groups, bands and musicians with links (where available) to their website, Facebook and MySpace.

I am lucky to have seen, met, and listened to many fantastic didgeridoo performers, artists and bands over the years, covering many genres of music. I hope you enjoy listening/watching as much as I have.

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3ple-DClick to visit:


3ple-D was founded by Lies Beijerinck and Michiel Teijgeler in 1995, after they found each other busking on the streets of Amsterdam.

Percussion player Terence Samson joined 3ple-D in 2004 and pushed the band to a whole new level. Every year the band travels Europe to perform at didgeridoo and world-music festivals. So far they have played in Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Poland and the UK.

They released their first album 'High from the Lowlands' in 2003 (no longer available in CD format). Their second album, Zumo, was received with great enthusiasm by the international didge scene.


Airtist is a unique music project that creates the atmosphere of electronic dance music with ancient instruments and human voice. Airtist consists of three musicians, Aron Szilagyi (Jew's harp), Dömé (human beatbox), and Markus Meurer (Didgeridoo, yidaki).

The didgeridoo, the Jew's harp and the human beatbox together create an unmatchable soundworld that is so typical and unique to Airtist. The band do not use any electronically produced sound, only the natural vibration of their instruments, producing and organic sound that makes people get up and dance. This music could have been played thousands of years ago the same way.

Andrea Ferroni

Andrea Ferroni is from Turin and is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding didgeridoo players in Italy.

Since his debut, he has been invited to all the most important didgeridoo events in Europe. His peculiar style, along with his precision and touch, won high praise by listeners and critics alike.

Andrea is not just a didgeridoo player, he also teaches didgeridoo playing techniques, and is both a researcher and a didgeridoo designer/maker. He also organizes events: his main purpose is to increase the public awareness and knowledge of the didgeridoo as a musical instrument in all its possible forms.

Charlie McMahon

Charlie McMahon is a world renowned didge player, having played with numerous groups and as a solo artist developing his playing and personal invention - the Facebass - a seismic sensor enhancing the sound.

Charlie McMahon took up playing the didgeridoo as a child, long before it became popular. While Charlie revered the playing of the Aboriginal people in their traditional ceremonies, he did not seek to mimic their performance, but took the didgeridoo to contemporary music. Charlie learned how to tune didjeridus to concert pitch and practiced different styles while jamming with bands at gigs.

Djalu GurruwiwiClick to visit:

Djalu Gurruwiwi

Djalu Gurruwiwi is the spiritual custodian of the Yidaki and an elder of the Galpu clan from North East Arnhemland.

Djalu plays and teaches the Yidaki and has released a number of CDs of traditional playing, sharing some of the culture of his people. The Yidaki is an integral part of society and something the entire family is involved in.

In Djalu's words: Rripangu Yirdaki is the name of my enterprise. 'Rripangu' means lightning and all that lightning represents - it is a powerful symbol of my Galpu clan and, as lightning, I am strong and I do not fear anything.

Dubravko Lapaine

Dubravko Lapaine is a Croatian-based didgeridoo musician and composer - one of the most revered didgeridoo performers in the world.

Since 2000, he has been developing new ways of playing this ancient instrument and released a range of audio works (solo albums, tracks for films and animations, music for theater and dance performances) and received international musical awards (World of Music Awards 2009-finalist).

In his own words: A huge tiny human creature exploring the world of didgeridoo and other funny windy cosmic objects with passion and commitment. Trying to open the doors for some new and subtle musical worlds...


Described as; 'High-tech didgeridoo meets drum n bass'. This high energy performance group from Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia, have sold over 50 000 albums from the streets and stage. Making them one of the hottest independent, underground success stories to emerge from the Top End of Australia.

"eMDee are the most successful independent act in the Northern Territory."
Peter Noble, Festival Director, East Coast Blues and Roots.

"Mark Hoffmann is an ambassador for multiculturalism in the Northern Territory. He brings all colours together, feeling one vibration, sharing one red blood."
David Gulpilil, Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu.

Frank Heinkel

In Franks own words: Its blend of simplicity, richness, and purity captivated me... I've had the good fortune to make music in the streets for the last six years and I've discovered that my beliefs about life and music have changed as a result...

I've noticed that the less effort I use and the more authentic I am, and the more I play from the heart instead of the head the simpler it is for other people to be just as they are regardless of age, gender, culture, or class.

Ganga Giri

Ganga Giri mixes red natural elements with fat tribal beats and dirty funky bass lines to create a unique tribal - technological deep earth dance experience. Explosive and pulsating, at times ambient and flowing, the music is a pumping percussive multi-layered experience of complex grooves and raw, deep natural sound.

"Ganga Giri is a wonderful musician. I first heard him at a Womad festival, and loved the mix of his ancient and primitive instrument with a wide range of great dance grooves. Ganga is really taking the didjeridu to places it has never been before and developing a unique style of music." Peter Gabriel

Geoffrey Gummurul

Gurrumul [his traditional name] is a member of the Gumatj clan, North East Arnhemland and it is the songs and stories of the Gumatj clan that Gurrumul sublimely adapts into contemporary song styles.

At the age of 15 he was identified as a young and extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and joined Yothu Yindi where he played an integral role until 1992.

Currently a member of the Saltwater Band he has contributed to the Indigenous music industry which has been recognised at the NT Indigenous Music Awards where he was awarded the Album of the Year and Song of the Year 2008.

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