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Didgeridoo 151 C# Ash

UPC/EAN: 0615953960297

  • Wood: Ash
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Key: C#
  • Overtone: C
  • Mouthpiece: 28mm
  • Bell: 7x8cm
  • Length: 180.5cm
A lovely piece of pale Ash wood gathered near Arundel, West Sussex, on the chalky South Downs.
A good solid piece of timber, Ash makes lovely didges with a decent grain and produces wonderful resonance with a rich sound. This piece of timber was naturally narrow to start with and has a gorgeous grain pattern along the outside of the bore.
Quite a long narrow bore makes the didge play at around C# with a gentle toot at C. As the bore is quite narrow the back pressure is good so you can pump out a few faster rhythms.
The bore has been coated with several layers of Danish Oil to help protect, preserve and enhance the wood and maintain a crisp clear sound. The exterior has been coated with toy grade Finishing Oil leaving the didgeridoo with a soft vinyl like sheen.