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Plywood Box Didge F

UPC/EAN: 0615953960259


  • Wood: Birch Faced Plywood
  • Key: F
  • Mouthpiece: 28mm
  • Bell: 12x5cm
  • Length: 122cm

Plywood Box Didge F.
Made from plywood and rectangular in shape, these box didges play extremely well and sound surprisingly good. When making didges I have experimented with different sizes, shapes, materials and so on, including wanting to find a didge that I could take places and travel with, without worrying if it gets scratched or damaged. Using all the same principles of building as the other didges I make, I have applied to these box didges, for example, treated inside and out with Danish Oil to help protect, preserve and enhance the wood, milliput mouthpieces for comfortable playing particular size bore to produce a decent sound.